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New Energy Forecasts Show Time is Right for Senate Action

first_imgWRI Senior Associate John Larsen answers questions about recent emissions reductions and what they mean for climate legislation.Q: The Energy Information Agency (EIA) recently announced that emissions are projected to drop 6% this year. Why?A: Energy demand in the United States is changing because of the recession. The transportation, electric power and industrial sectors have all seen lower energy demand in part because of high energy prices but also because of lower economic output. Coal use in particular has dropped off because of recent declines in natural gas prices and lower electricity demand. Since coal is the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel, drops in its use translate to big drops in emissions compared to other fuels.At the same time, clean, renewable energy is growing as a proportion of the electricity grid, indicating that zero-emitting energy sources are playing an increasingly important role in our economy.EIA’s projections for 2010 show emissions increasing slightly as the economy begins to pick up again.Q: How do these emissions reductions compare to those required in the House-passed American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454)?A: The House climate bill requires total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to be 3% below 2005 levels in 2012, when its cap-and-trade program begins. Given that the EIA projects that U.S. emissions are 6% below 2005 levels today (and are only forecasted to rise slowly), it is very likely that the bill’s requirements for the first year of the program would be met.This is very good news for business. It means that transitioning to a cap-and-trade program should not add any significant stress to the U.S. economy, contrary to what opponents of ACES have argued.Q: If emissions stay flat, what would this mean for the new U.S. carbon market?A: If we continue at 2009 emissions levels, there would be lower demand for allowances and offsets from regulated entities such as utilities and coal-fired plants than projected by EIA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. However, ACES essentially sets a price floor on allowances of $10, which will ensure that a sufficient price on carbon is established even if demand is low. In addition, some regulated companies will likely buy up low-cost allowances and bank them for future use.Q: Critics of cap-and-trade say this isn’t the right time to act on climate change. Is that true?A: Actually, the exact opposite is true. Cap-and-trade provides a great deal of flexibility in a down economy. With the price of allowances down, businesses and utilities will have an easier time transitioning. This will allow businesses to get comfortable with the new emissions requirements at relatively low cost, as well as giving them certainty that the investments that they make in clean technology will have value in the future. If the Senate acts now, it will be easier for businesses in the long run.last_img read more

Climate Science Research Review Answers Climate Change Questions

first_imgEmbed this map on your site Extreme heat and the loss of land suitable for human habitation Related InformationPast Editions of Climate ScienceGlobal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data (WRI/CAIT via Google)Spring 2011 U.S. Climate Extremes (NOAA.gov)United States Global Change Research Program (globalchange.gov)Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ipcc.ch) The combined effects of warming temperatures on snowmelt, evaporation, and precipitation will likely have profound influences on river flows, which are critical for human consumption and irrigation of farmland. Researchers estimated the impacts that climate-change induced reductions in runoff from the Colorado River will have for humans’ future use of the river’s water. Their study predicts a 10-30% reduction in Colorado River run-off by 2050 because of anthropogenic climate change. This will result in significant and regular failure to meet scheduled water deliveries in the American Southwest.Source(s): Barnett, Tim and David W. Pierce. (2009). Sustainable water deliveries from the Colorado River in a changing climate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 106 (18): 7334-38.Photo Credit: flickr/victorfe places The sensitivity of the Earth’s climate system to changes in cloud coverage is one of the key uncertainties of the impacts of a changing climate. With a warmer climate, will there be more clouds that reflect more sunlight and thus induce a negative feedback, cooling the earth’s surface, or will there be fewer clouds, and thus a warmer world as more solar radiation hits the earth’s surface? A recent study analyzes data from 2000-2010. Over this time frame, it finds that there appears to be a positive feedback, meaning that warming-induced decreases in cloud coverage has led to more incoming solar radiation, which in turn increases warming.Source(s): Dessler, AE. (2010). A determination of the cloud feedback from climate variations over the past decade. Science. 330: 1523-1527.Photo Credit: flickr/Kevin Dooley Reduced water supply from the Colorado River Researchers project that over the next three decades extreme warm temperatures will increase significantly in the United States. Even when global average temperatures do not rise more than 2°C, one study predicts that by 2030-2039, 38 days of the year will be in the top 5% of current temperature extremes, and that there may be at least seven record setting temperature days per year. Extremes in temperatures can have significant impacts on human health and lives, and reductions in soil moisture and precipitation will have implications for the viability of crops and ecosystems.Source(s): Diffenbaugh, NS and M Ashfaq. (2010). Intensification of hot extremes in the United States. Geophysical Research Letters. Vol. 37: L15701.Photo Credit: flickr/yeppiyeebo Researchers have assessed the impacts of increasing temperature on global food supply and found that in the tropics and sub-tropics, it is highly likely (greater than 90% probability) that the average growing season temperature during the last decades of the 21st century will exceed the most extreme temperatures experienced during the 20th century. In temperate regions, temperature extremes like those experienced during the 2003 heat wave in Europe will become the norm. Higher temperature alone will have significant negative effects on crop yields, even without the predicted impacts of associated drought.Source(s): Battisti, D.; and R. Naylor. (2009). Historical warnings of future food insecurity with unprecedented seasonal heat. Science. 323:240-244.Photo Credit: flickr/CIMMYT Human metabolism cannot handle extremely high temperatures well, and a global temperature increase of 7°C, which is the upper limit of current projections, would make large some portions of the world uninhabitable. A global temperature increase of 12°C, which could occur solely from the combustion of all fossil fuel reserves, would render much of the globe uninhabitable by humans. In exploring this possibility, researchers point out that current economic models treat a 10°C rise in temperature as having an equivalent economic effect to a major recession, when it might actually render half the planet uninhabitable.Source(s): Sherwood, SC and M Huber. (2010). An adaptability limit to climate change due to heat stress. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 107 (21): 9552-9555.Photo Credit: flickr/coda More destructive hurricanes Major increases in human migrationChanges in land-use patterns and agricultural policies in Mexico and other Central American countries have already been leading to large numbers of migrants into the United States. Climate change is likely to augment this trend as it impacts crop yields in some of the hardest hit and poorest areas of southern Mexico. One study predicts an average of an additional 20,000-100,000 “climate-immigrants” per year over the next decades (assuming a linear rate of increase – Ed, 12/9/11).Source(s): Feng, S, Krueger, AB, and M Oppenheimer. (2010). Linkages among climate change, crop yields, and Mexico-US cross-border migration. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Photo Credit: flickr/Ben Amstutz Winter sea ice in the Barents and Kara Seas, portions of the Arctic Ocean north of Russia, has been greatly decreasing due to warming temperatures. This reduction in sea ice cover causes the lower troposphere, (the portion of the atmosphere close to the earth surface) to warm slightly because of the heat trapping ability of the open ocean. On study suggests that this warmer air may create a pressure and temperature gradient that sucks heat out of Europe, resulting in an anomalous continental cooling of -1.5°C (averaged across the continent) in the winter.Source(s): Petoukhov, V and VA Semenov. (2010). A link between reduced Barents-Kara sea ice and cold winter extremes over northern continents. Journal of Geophysical Research. VOL. 115 doi:10.1029/2009JD013568.Photo Credit: flickr/neiljs Uneven global sea level rise Threat of near extinction for Emperor penguin population Short-term loss of cloud cover Growing unpredictability in India’s monsoonsA century’s worth of weather data show that summer monsoon rains are becoming less predictable. Agriculture and flood control in India have relied on the predictability of the monsoon over centuries to millennia. A reduction of the predictability of these events has profound implications for the region’s agriculture and communities’ ability to prepare for oncoming extreme events.Source(s): Mani, N. J.; Suhas,E; and B. N. Goswami (2009), Can global warming make Indian monsoon weather less predictable? Geophysical Research Letters. 36, L08811, doi:10.1029/2009GL037989.Photo Credit: flickr/Carlo_it Great Barrier Reef coral bleachingAs atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations rise, the concentration of dissolved CO2 in the oceans has increased as a result, increasing the acidity of ocean water. Acidification can cause great harm to calcifying organisms, such as corals, as their calcium carbonate shells cannot form and, in some cases, dissolve. Research shows that the predicted impacts of ocean acidification are already occurring on the Great Barrier Reef, impacting the health of the reef ecosystem and the livelihoods that depend on such ecosystems.Source(s): De’ath, G.;, Lough, J.M.; and K.E. Fabricius. (2009). Declining coral calcification on the Great Barrier Reef. Science. 323: 116-119.Photo Credit: flickr/babasteve A later start to a shorter rainy season in the dry SahelIn the Sahel region of North Africa, climate-induced alterations of rainfall will have profound impacts on agriculture and the resilience and adaptability of human communities. Recent research demonstrates that, by the end of this century, under a mid-range warming scenario, the rainy season will start later by 3-4 days and have a shorter duration by 5 days in the Sahel. These delays and shortenings, while seemingly small, are likely to reduce anticipated crop yields with profound consequences for agricultural production in the region.Source(s): Biasutti, M.; and A. H. Sobel (2009), Delayed Sahel rainfall and global seasonal cycle in a warmer climate, Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L23707, doi:10.1029/2009GL041303.Photo Credit: flickr/SOS Sahel UK Hotter growing seasons and widespread crop loss Widespread loss of lizard species around the world Increases in both the frequency and extent of wildfire are salient examples of the effects of climate change that can have immediate and significant impacts on human communities. However, there is variation in this trend. Different regions of the world can expect increases or decreases in wildfire distribution from climate change, largely mediated by regionally-specific vegetation and precipitation changes. Notably, the increases in wildfire extent are projected to be in the United States and Canada, Europe and western China. Decreases in wildfire extent are predicted for parts of East Asia, Africa and Australia.Source(s): Krawchuk MA; Moritz MA; Parisien M-A; Van Dorn J; and K. Hayhoe. (2009) Global Pyrogeography: the Current and Future Distribution of Wildfire. PLoS ONE 4(4): e5102. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0005102.Balshi, M.S.; McGuire, A.D.; Duffy, P.; Flannigan,M; Kicklighter, D.W.; and J. Melillo. (2009). Vulnerability of carbon storage in North American boreal forests to wildfires during the 21st century. Global Change Biology. 15: 1491-1510.Flannigan, M.; Stocks, B.; Turetsky, M.; and M. Wotton. (2009). Impacts of climate change on fire activity and fire management in the circumboreal forest. Global Change Biology. 15: 549-560.Photo Credit: flickr/slworking2center_img Cold winter extremes in Europe and other northern regions Interactive map:How is climate change impacting the United States?» Explore all of WRI’s work on tackling climate change in the United States.Click on the colored icons below to explore recent research into the impacts of climate change on U.S. regions: Projecting hurricane activity over the rest of the 21st century, researchers found that the frequency of intense hurricanes (category 4 or 5) is likely to increase significantly. Their model projects an increase in the number of intense storms by 80% by the end of the 21st century. They attribute this change to warmer sea surface temperatures. While the overall frequency of hurricanes is likely to decrease, the model suggests that there is a pronounced increase in the frequency of powerful storms after 2070.Source(s): Bender, MA, Knutson, TR, Tuleya, RE, Sirutis, JJ, Vecchi, GA, Garner, ST, and IM Held. (2010). Modeled impact of anthropogenic warming on the frequency of intense Atlantic hurricanes. Science. 327: 454.Photo Credit: flickr/NOAA Photo Library Billions in losses for U.S. fishing industryResearchers set out to assess the economic effects of ocean acidification using a simple model which links projected declines in mollusk populations from ocean acidification to projected declines in the U.S. commercial mollusk harvest. Using the 2007 harvest as a baseline, the authors calculated potential future losses under different emissions scenarios. Even a modest estimate of 10-25% aggregate decrease in U.S. mollusk harvests could cause anywhere from $1.7 billion to $10 billion in losses to the U.S. fishing industry by 2060.Source(s): Cooley, S. and S. Doney. (2009). Anticipating ocean acidification’s economic consequences for commercial fisheries. Environmental Research Letters. 4: 024007.Photo Credit: flickr/marbla123 There is a difference in the elevation of the sea level near the U.S. coast, with sea levels lower near the coast than further off shore. This “slope” of sea level is a result of a system of robust ocean currents. According to one study, ice melt and precipitation in the Arctic, combined with increased temperatures, are predicted to slow down these currents and eliminate the difference in sea level height. This will increase coastal sea levels an estimated 0.2-0.3m for Boston, New York and Washington, DC by the end of the century in addition to sea level rise from other causes.Source(s): Yin, J.; Schlesinger, M.E.; and R.J. Stouffer. (2009). Model projections of rapid sea-level rise on the northeast coast of the United States. Nature Geoscience. Doi: 10.1038/NGEO46.Photo Credit: flickr/InAweofGod’sCreation One of the greatest concerns about the pace and magnitude of human-induced climate change impacts is the water security of the over one billion people in Asia, mostly in India and China, who live in river basins that are fed by Himalayan glaciers and snow. The flows from these water resources are essential to agricultural production and maintaining drinking water supplies. As temperature rises, there are concerns about the long-term stability of these flows. Research has determined that the Indus and the Brahmaputra are most susceptible to climate-induced changes in snow-melt water flow.Source(s): Immerzeel, WW, van Beek, LPH, and MFP Bierkens. (2010). Climate change will affect the Asian water towers. Science. 328: 1382-1385.Photo Credit: flickr/reurinkjan Black carbon, or soot produced from biomass and fossil fuel burning, can alter surface reflectivity, making surfaces darker and warmer, much like a dark shirt on a summer day. Researchers have found that levels of black carbon on Tibetan glaciers are high enough to decrease their surface reflectivity by 10 to 100%. Tibetan glaciers represent the largest stores of freshwater on the planet outside of the polar ice caps. As these glaciers melt rapidly and meltwater seasonality is altered, heavier spring floods and longer dry periods are anticipated throughout East and South Asia.Source(s): Xu, B.; Cao, J.; Hansen, J.; Yao, T.; Joswia, D.; Wang, N.; Wu, G.; Wang, M.; Zhao, H.; Yang, W.; Liu, X.; and J. He. (2009). Black soot and the survival of Tibetan glaciers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 106 (52): 22114-18.Photo Credit: NASA Changing patterns for wildfires Researchers estimate a global sea level rise of approximately 3.26m resulting from the instantaneous melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Notably, they find that the impacts of the sea level rise would not be uniform around the globe. Because of perturbations in Earth’s rotation and shoreline migration, the impacts are predicted to be most pronounced on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the United States, where sea level rise could be 25% higher than the global mean.Source(s): Bamber, J.L.; Riva, R.E.M.; Vermeersen, B.L.A.; and A.M. LeBrocq. (2009). Reassessment of the potential sea-level rise from a collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Science. 324 (901), doi: 10.1126/science.1169335Photo Credit: flickr/NOAA Photo Library Update [10/17/2011]: WRI has released the latest edition of Climate Science. After you check out the resources below, take a look at our Q&A with the authors on WRI Insights or read the full report.With wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and other dramatic weather events making front page news around the world, many people are asking questions about the signs and impacts of a changing climate. Climate Science is the World Resources Institute’s periodic review of the state of play of the science of climate change. With summaries and explanations of recent peer-reviewed research from a host of scientific journals, Climate Science is a window into what scientists are discovering about how climate change affects the living things and complex systems of our planet.The latest edition, Climate Science 2009-2010 will be released later this year. In the meantime, we have assembled a preview of some of the research covered in the report. Take a look at our slideshow detailing the huge variety of impacts we are already seeing from warming global temperatures, including insights into sea-level rise, human migration, weather extremes, and the shrinking habitats of wildlife. Then, use our interactive map to learn more about the regional consequences of climate change around the United States.Slideshow:Climate change impacts around the world» Explore all of WRI’s work on solutions to the climate challenge. Using climate models and observations of Emperor penguin populations over forty three years, researchers found that populations are projected to decline, with the probability of ‘quasi extinction’ (greater than 95% decline) by 2100 at 36%. The impact of early sea ice break up on breeding could have direct effects on penguins’ population growth. Reduced sea ice will likely have indirect impacts on the food web by reducing krill, the primary food source for the fish that penguins eat.Source(s): Jenouvrier, S.; Caswell, H.; Barbaud, C.; Holland, M.; Stroeve, J.; and H. Weimerskirch. (2009). Demographic models and IPCC climate projections predict the decline of an emperor penguin population. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 106 (6): 1844-47.Photo Credit: flickr/Martha de Jong-Lantink While many reports about climate change focus on projected future impacts, one study set out to assess the impacts of warming temperatures that have already affected populations of lizards around the globe. Analyzing studies of 30 species of Mexican lizards from 1975-2009, they find that 12% of local populations of lizards have gone extinct. Based on the Mexican observations, they estimate that globally, 4% of lizard populations have become extinct since 1975 as a result of climate change. On the basis of the observed trends, the authors find that by 2080, 20% of global lizard species will be extinct.Source(s): Sinervo, B, Mendez-de-la-Cruz, F, Miles, DB, et al. (2010). Erosion of lizard diversity by climate change and altered thermal niches. Science. 328: 894-899.Photo Credit: flickr/NOAA Photo Library Additional sea level rise in the northeast U.S. ▲ Back to Top The Global Impacts of Climate ChangeUse the arrows above to explore a preview of the research from WRI’s upcoming release of Climate Science 2009-2010 and a small selection of the changes facing our warming world.WRI is working on solutions to the challenges illustrated in this slideshow. Click here to learn more about our work on climate and energy.Photo Credit: flickr/NASA Goddard Photo and Video Faster glacial melting due to black carbon ▲ Back to Top Reduction and loss of major Asian sources of drinking water Extreme temperature highs in the United Stateslast_img read more

Open Data: A New Tool for Building Climate Resilience

first_imgWRI’s Open Data InitiativesWRI is sponsoring one of the private sector commitments that are part of the Climate Data Initiative. “EcoHack,” an annual hack-a-thon event, will now feature a dedicated climate track in the hopes of eventually developing a climate data visualization, app, or website.WRI firmly believes that open, transparent data can help create real-world change. Check out three of our major open data initiatives:Our Climate Analysis and Indicators Tool (CAIT 2.0) provides emissions data for 186 countries and 50 U.S. states.Global Forest Watch uses the most recent research and satellite data to monitor deforestation in near real-time.Our Aqueduct platform relies on the most up-to-date information to map global water risk.Indeed, climate change is already impacting virtually every community throughout the country—and these effects are poised to worsen with every degree of warming. Consider the following:The world has now experienced 348 consecutive months where average global monthly temperatures were above the 20th century average. In other words, no one younger than 29 years old has lived a month of their lives where monthly temperatures were at or below average.Scientists have found that the conditions leading to the 2011 Texas drought are 20 times more likely to occur now than in the 1960s due to human-induced climate change.Sea-level rise has given a springboard for storm surge and coastal flooding that has amplified the impact of coastal storms, like Hurricane Sandy. Today’s annual probability of a Sandy-level flood reoccurrence has nearly doubled compared to 1950.The Western United States now experiences seven times more large-scale wildfires than it did in the 1970s.Extreme precipitation events have increased in every region of the United States between 1958 and 2007.Escalating climate impacts not only threaten human well-being, they’re causing costly damages to critical infrastructure—damages that are expected to worsen in a warmer world with more frequent and intense extreme weather. Severe weather is already the single-leading cause of power outages in the country, causing an estimated 679 widespread power outages between 2003 and 2012 and costing the economy, businesses, school systems, and emergency agencies billions of dollars. Urban infrastructure is especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. A 2007 extreme precipitation event in New York City, for example, only lasted two hours, but caused a system of transit failures that stranded 2.5 million riders. And in Miami Beach, officials say it will cost as much as $400 million to prepare the city’s drainage system for sea-level rise-induced flooding and storm surge.The Role of Open Data in Climate ResilienceWhile climate change will affect all communities throughout the United States, the type of impacts felt will vary at the region-, county-, and even city-levels. Communities cannot adapt to or mitigate these impacts without first understanding exactly how they will be affected. Open data like that provided in the Climate Data Initiative can help provide this level of information. For instance, the climate data site will offer infrastructure and geographic mapping data sets—showing specific bridges, roads, canals, etc.—and help local decision-makers understand how this infrastructure might be impacted by things like sea level rise, drought, or extreme weather. Local governments can use this current and relevant data as a basis for developing effective plans and utilizing resources.The Climate Data Initiative builds on other work that connects federal activities with local climate action, including a Presidential Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience and the recent budget request for a $1 billion fund for climate resiliency. This latest initiative by the administration not only reinforces the President’s acknowledgement that climate change is occurring, but also his prioritization of empowering local governments to address the issue.Helping localities throughout the nation become more resilient is an incredibly important piece in overcoming the climate challenge. But, as organizers of this initiative acknowledge, adaptation and resiliency strategies will need to be accompanied by comprehensive reductions in annual greenhouse gas emissions at the national and international levels. Adaptation combined with comprehensive mitigation action is the only way to ensure a sustainable future—both locally and globally. As communities across America continue to experience increasing climate impacts in the form of rising seas, heat waves, and extreme weather, local and federal leaders are starting to roll up their sleeves. Yesterday, the White House unveiled the Climate Data Initiative, a project aimed at arming local leaders across the country with information they need to plan for climate impacts while building more resilience. The initiative provides a key tool for helping those at the frontlines of climate change—America’s local communities.The Climate Data Initiative delivers on a key element of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, announced last June. This new initiative creates an online hub of government data on climate impacts, giving local communities a detailed look at how a warmer world may impact their critical infrastructure like bridges, roads, and canals.The initial phase will focus on providing data and tools related to sea-level rise and coastal flooding, and later phases will include information addressing other climate-related impacts. This release of comprehensive government data will be supported by additional efforts from the philanthropic and private sectors. Google, for example, has committed to donate significant cloud computing and storage and to work with partners to create a near real-time system to monitor drought throughout the continental United States. Intel, Microsoft, and Esri will create various maps, apps, and other tools and programs to help local officials and other stakeholders understand the climate risks specific to their communities.Local Communities Are at the Frontlines of Climate ChangeThe initiative could be an important step in preparing the country for the impacts of climate change. From coastal towns in Southeast Florida to the world’s largest naval base in Hampton Roads, VA, local communities are increasingly vulnerable to sea level rise and other dangerous effects of climate change.last_img read more

A Tale of 3 Countries: Water Risks to Global Shale Development

first_imgGlobal and Local SignificanceThis water-shale energy trade off poses significant social, environmental and financial challenges. And over time, competition for water as well as public concerns over hydraulic fracturing will likely increase as shale development expands internationally and global temperature and precipitation patterns shift.Every country contemplating shale development will share a common concern for access to freshwater, but it’s important to consider the localized factors that make every well unique. Global Shale Development also evaluates water availability for each shale play in 8 other countries either developing shale resources or most likely to develop them in the future: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the United States.What Can Companies and Governments Do?Shale resource development is still nascent in most nations, making this the ideal time to take action. Global Shale Development shares four recommendations to help governments, companies, and other groups protect water security while promoting energy security:Assess your water risks before deciding to develop shale plays to understand local water availability and reduce risk.Disclose all water-related information and work collaboratively with local regulators, communities and industries to build trust between all groups involved while reducing regulatory uncertainty and reputational risks.Engage businesses in public water policy processes, work collectively to protect the source of important water supplies, and develop water-management plans to help protect other users’ stable water supplies.Build a business case to minimize freshwater use and engage in corporate water stewardship to reduce impacts on water availability. A wide range of tools are available to minimize water use, including developing a water strategy and following water stewardship guidelines.To start assessing water-availability risks to shale plays in your country or portfolio, contact the Aqueduct team.LEARN MORE: See our shale gas resources page. Argentina: Shale Rich, Less Water StressedArgentina is South America’s largest natural gas producer and consumer, and possesses the world’s second-largest technically recoverable shale gas resources. With low to medium stress over 72 percent of its shale resources, competition for water is less concerning to Argentinian plays overall. However, 28 percent of the resources are in arid areas, so the country will not entirely escape water-related constraints if shale development progresses. A partnership with Chevron helped more than triple production in a shale basin called the Neuquén from last year to this year. The shale gas revolution, which began nearly 10 years ago in the United States, is poised to spread across the globe. For many countries, shale gas could strengthen energy security while cutting emissions.But unlocking this massive resource comes with a significant environmental risk: access to freshwater for drinking, agriculture, and industrial use. Drilling and then hydraulic fracturing each shale gas well uses large volumes of water for short periods of time—between 7 million and 25 million liters (1.2 million and 6.6 million gallons).This week, WRI released Global Shale Development: Water Availability & and Business Risk, a first-of-its-kind report that raises a yellow flag: a series of water availability-related challenges could limit shale resource development on six continents. Three countries help tell the complex story: China, Argentina, and the United Kingdom.China: Shale Rich, Water StressedChina is already the world’s largest energy producer and consumer. It has the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas resources, but those resources are located in areas of highest water stress. Over 60 percent of Chinese shale resources are in areas of high to extremely high baseline water stress or arid conditions. The government and energy companies are already grappling with the issue. Last week, China’s two largest energy companies upgraded their forecasts for shale investments, even as the Chinese government halved its shale gas production targets earlier last month. As the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, the country’s shale resources could be a key to addressing climate change, but its water concerns must be addressed.center_img The United Kingdom: It’s ComplicatedThe U.K. is Europe’s third-largest natural gas producer. Industrial water use accounts for more than 30 percent of the nation’s total water demand, but those withdrawals have been shrinking for the past 10 years as natural gas and oil production declines. The government is now, however, offering tax breaks to boost shale development, and will need to manage water-related risks if shale drilling and hydraulic fracturing expands. High industrial and domestic demands for water push 34 percent of the UK’s shale resources into high to extremely high water stress, making public concern and conflict around hydraulic fracturing more likely. In July, a report by two scientific groups cited widespread concern over hydraulic fracturing’s safety, so tension is already emerging.last_img read more

Sivakarthikeyan’s next film with Irumbu Thirai Mithran is titled Hero

first_imgSivakarthikeyan is on a film-signing spree. Or that is how it looks. The actor’s last film Seema Raja failed to impress the audience. However, his maiden production venture Kanaa was a box office success. He also played a brief role in the sports drama.Currently, he has about five films in his kitty. Recently, the teaser of Mr Local, directed by M Rajesh, was released. Now, the title of another film of his, with director PS Mithran of Irumbu Thirai fame, has been revealed.The film is titled Hero and the crew kickstarted the film with a puja today. Pictures from the sets were unveiled on social media. KJR Studios, which distributed Ajith Kumar’s Viswasam, is bankrolling the film.Here’s the title of the much-expected #SK15 – #HERO it is! ????Directed by Irumbu Thirai fame @Psmithran starring @Siva_Kartikeyan @akarjunofficial @kalyanipriyan @_Ivana_official, lens wielded by @george_dop, cuts by @AntonyLRuben & music by little maestro @thisisysr ?? pic.twitter.com/n1N1NM9tqQKJR Studios (@kjr_studios) March 13, 2019Here are the pooja stills from our next film #Hero! More stills coming up shortly??#HeroPooja @Siva_Kartikeyan @akarjunofficial @Psmithran @thisisysr @kalyanipriyan @george_dop @_Ivana_official @dhilipaction @DoneChannel1 @gobeatroute pic.twitter.com/JNksfdBd29KJR Studios (@kjr_studios) March 13, 2019More stills from #HeroPooja today??#Hero @Siva_Kartikeyan @akarjunofficial @Psmithran @thisisysr @kalyanipriyan @george_dop @_Ivana_official @dhilipaction @DoneChannel1 @gobeatroute pic.twitter.com/AQzcIN0cI9KJR Studios (@kjr_studios) March 13, 2019As confirmed earlier, Kalyani Priyadarshan, daughter of Lissy and renowned filmmaker Priyadarshan, is making her debut in Tamil with the film. She has already made her foray into Telugu cinema with the film Hello.advertisementHere’s the title of my Tamil debut #HEROSuper excited! #SK15ShootFromToday@Siva_Kartikeyan @psmithran under @24AMSTUDIOS @kjr_studios@Psmithran @akarjunofficial @Itsme_ivana @thisisysr @george_dop @dhilipaction @AntonyLRubenKalyani Priyadarshan (@kalyanipriyan) March 13, 2019Arjun Sarja, who played the antagonist in Irumbu Thirai, has been retained by Mithran in Hero too.PS Mithran has quickly become a notable figure in the industry as his film Irumbu Thirai was lauded by both critics and the audience.ALSO READ: Dear Isha Koppikar, a LOT has changed in Tamil cinema. Where have you been?ALSO WATCH: Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya gets married to actor-businessman Vishagan Vanangamudilast_img read more

Shubman Gill is a prodigy and the next big thing in Indian cricket: Robin Uthappa

first_imgKolkata Knight Riders opener Chris Lynn and vice-captain Robin Uthappa on Tuesday spoke highly of the team’s young guns – Kuldeep Yadav and Shubman Gill.Kuldeep Yadav has been with KKR since 2014 but only made his debut in the tournament in 2016 and has quickly established himself as one of the trump cards for the Kolkata-based franchise in a very short span of time.In just three seasons so far, Kuldeep Yadav has picked up 35 wickets from 31 matches at an impressive average of 24.51 which includes a four-wicket haul as well.Chris Lynn, who also joined Kolkata Knight Riders in 2014, has seen Kuldeep rise as a left-arm wrist spinner from close quarters in the last three seasons and labelled him as a world-class bowler.”It’s been awesome to watch Kuldeep develop over the last six years. When I first came into the system he looked like a stumpy guy rolling his leg-spinners out. But now he’s fit and strong, he’s developed his game, his variations are a lot more harder to pick now and he’s a world-class bowler. He’s made a name for himself on the world stage which is impressive at his age,” Chris Lynn told India Today.Robin Uthappa agreed with his teammate and said that Kuldeep has not only grown as a bowler but also as a person over the last few years.”Kuldeep is someone who has evolved over the last five-six years as a bowler and as a human being. Someone who has really worked on his fitness. He was one of the hardest working members in the group when he was not playing during the IPL.advertisement”As a bowler he’s become braver and become more courageous as a bowler. He’s really come into his own as a bowler and I think over the next few years we will see him expressing himself as a human being on the field. It’s an exciting few years for Kuldeep and he’s going to be a mainstay within the Indian team,” Robin Uthappa told India Today.Both Lynn and Uthappa reserved special praise for 19-year-old batsman Shubman Gill, who made his debut in the IPL for KKR last season.Gill impressed in his first year as he got to play 13 matches for the two-time champions in which he amassed 203 runs at an average of 33.83, including a half-century.3rd February – a date @RealShubmanGill will cherish forever2018 – #U19CWC trophy in hand2019 – First series win as part of the senior Team#NZvIND #KorboLorboJeetbo pic.twitter.com/ZPRJCuP2IfKolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) February 3, 2019Shubman Gill was a mainstay in India’s U-19 World Cup triumph last year in which he scored 372 runs from 6 matches at an average of 124 and was the tournament’s second highest run-scorer. He was the Player of the Series in the U-19 World Cup and has been labelled by many as the next-big thing in Indian cricket.”Shubman I think, between last year and this he has showed the world what he can do. He debuted in New Zealand not long ago but I think this year he can have a breakout season without putting too much pressure on him. He can bat anywhere in the order and I think he’s going to take some teams by surprise,” Chris Lynn said.Uthappa on the other hand, labelled the Punjab batsman as a prodigy. “Shubman has got a very level head on his shoulders and is very sorted in his mind, he knows what he wants to do and how he wants to approach his game. He’s a hard-working lad and is someone who is willing to put in the hard yards. He is someone who knows he is talented, is probably a prodigee and the next big thing in Indian cricket but he still has a very firm head on his shoulders.”He is a very humble kid, very well brought up. A lot of credit must be given to his parents. Coming from that part of the country and to be able to be that humble and that aware of himself at that age is fantastic,” Robin Uthappa said.Also Read | Ready to rock and roll for KKR in IPL 2019: Chris LynnAlso Read | IPL is good preparation for the upcoming World Cup: Robin UthappaAlso Read | IPL 2019 full schedule for 56 league matches from March 23 to May 5Also Read | Wasn’t even 10 per cent of what Shubman Gill is when I was 19: Virat Kohlilast_img read more

Miami Open: Naomi Osaka stunned by Hsieh Su-wei, Serena Williams withdraws

first_imgThe Miami Open lost two of its biggest drawcards on Saturday with world number one Naomi Osaka suffering a shock third-round loss to Taiwan’s Hsieh Su-wei after eight-times champion Serena Williams withdrew due to a knee injury.The 33-year-old Hsieh came from a set down to prevail 4-6 7-6(4) 6-3 as her unorthodox style frustrated, perplexed and finally wore down U.S. and Australian Open champion Osaka.Osaka, who lost in the fourth round at Indian Wells and could lose her number one ranking depending on how others do in the tournament, said the mental side of her game had let her down.”I just think I got too emotional, which is something I did last match, too,” she said. “I would just say I was kind of immature today. I was thinking too much.”Hsieh had lost her two previous matches with Osaka, including a hard-fought contest in Melbourne in January, but came back from a break down in each of the last two sets, saving eight of the 12 break points she faced.The Taiwanese had knocked out then world number one Simona Halep at Wimbledon last year and again demonstrated her range of clever shot making against a much more powerful opponent.”It’s always great to pick up a better level during the match,” Hsieh said.”Every time you’ve made it and you beat a good player, you feel: Wow, this is everything. This is so amazing, and I’ve made it.””I was thinking too much, like everything was on my racquet. Honestly, she has the ability to make winners, too”@Naomi_Osaka_ # opens up following her third round exit at the @MiamiOpen. pic.twitter.com/RixlmlCV3KadvertisementWTA (@WTA) March 24, 2019DEPRESSINGOsaka looked on course for a straightforward win after she broke for a 5-4 lead in the opener then delivered an ace to serve out the set.Serving for the match at 5-4 in the second, Osaka’s charge began to wilt and Hsieh fought back with some brilliant tennis to take it to a tiebreak before levelling the match with a lovely passing winner.At 3-3 in the third set, Hsieh took advantage of Osaka’s ineffective serve and mounting error count to get a key break and had no trouble holding for a 5-3 lead.A delightful dropshot winner finally put paid to an exasperated Osaka’s resistance, sealing another break and the victory after two hours and 18 minutes of play.Osaka had won 63 straight matches after taking the first set but Hsieh’s victory brought that run to an end and set up a fourth round meeting with Caroline Wozniacki, who beat Romanian qualifier Monica Niculescu 6-4 7-6(4).”It’s depressing,” Osaka said of the streak coming to an end. “I know that record. I was thinking about it right after I lost.”Asked if she might have underestimated Hsieh, Osaka said: “I don’t think I ever underestimated her because all the times I played her was three sets. In Australia, honestly she should have won but I found a way to win it.”I think maybe today I overestimated myself maybe in a way.” The stunning upset came after the tournament had earlier lost American great Williams to a left knee injury.It is the second consecutive WTA event she has been forced to retire from after she withdrew from last week’s tournament in Indian Wells with a viral illnessEarlier, world number two Petra Kvitova needed three sets and more than two and a half hours to beat Croatia’s Donna Vekic 6-4 3-6 6-4 in a clash of heavy hitters.The two-time Wimbledon champion seed will meet Caroline Garcia in the fourth round after the Frenchwoman knocked out 15th seeded German Julia Goerges 6-0 7-5.Also Read | Roger Federer fights back to beat Radu Albotlast_img read more

Apple isn’t targeting Netflix with Apple TV+, it is trying to build a TV service of future

first_imgVideo streaming services have become popular and there are millions of people who use services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and others. So why do millions more, and manyfold more than the number of people who use a streaming service, continue to use a television? The answer probably is because these services live in Silos. You get Netflix but not Amazon Prime unless you subscribe to another service. With Prime, you get Amazon content but not Hotstar. This is where Apple TV and Apple TV+ enter the picture, and I believe they may change we watch TV.But before I talk why and how, some context first: Apple has finally launched its subscription-based video streaming service – the Apple TV+ app — along with the rejigged version of its TV app – the Apple TV app — after months of anticipation. The announcement about its ad-free, on-demand service video subscription service came on a star-studded night at the Steve Jobs theatre at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California on Monday where Hollywood celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Steve Carell, Kumail and Steven Spielberg and others took to the stage to introduce their shows. The night, as became apparent after a time, ended with the golden lady, Oprah Winfrey, announcing two projects exclusively for the Apple TV+.Star-studded launchNotably, details of some of these projects have been in the public domain for quite some time. For instance, we knew that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon would star in a show on Apple’s video streaming service. We knew that the service would also feature a science fiction show. We also knew that Oprah had signed a multi-year deal with the company. However, it is only during Apple’s extravagant event that the exact details of these shows and the company’s streaming service came to light.advertisementSo here’s what we know now: Apple is introducing an Apple TV app that would contain shows from the subscription channels and streaming services including Amazon Prime and Roku (this is conditional but about that in a while). It would also include the Apple TV+ or what we like to call the ‘Apple Originals’, which would feature shows by Hollywood celebs. Reese and Jenny would be starring in The Morning Show with Steve Carell, Steven Spielberg would revive his 1985 anthology series Amazing Stories, Kumail Nanjiani would bring immigrant stories with Little America and Aquaman Jason Momoa would be a part of an alternate universe called See. And in case you are eager to know what Oprah is up to, well, she would work on two docuseries – one called Toxic Labor and the other untitled. In addition to this, she would also revamp her famous Book Clubfor Apple’s platform.But what we don’t know so far is when exactly will these get to see these original shows by Apple. Or more importantly, how much will this video subscription service cost, that is if it does decide to charge its users. It also remains unclear if Apple would offer a differential charging plan to Apple device users vs the non-users.Apple has announced that its Apple TV app will be coming to Apple devices – the iPhone, iPad and the Apple TV – this May. Yet the subscription charges to the cable TV channels – HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS, ESPN+, ABC to name a few — are still a mystery. And now, amid what is being said and what’s not, the service which combines the Apple TV app and the Apple TV+, is being touted as the ‘Netflix killer’. But there is a flaw with this stream of thoughts. Netflix started a DVD rental company almost two decades back in 1997 and it gradually introduced a library of TV shows and movies before taking a step further and introducing its originals almost a decade back around 2011. The video streaming giant since has explicitly focused only on content and improving the overall user experience via mobile and desktop platforms over its user interface. Netflix is a service to access Netflix content. It’s exclusive. It doesn’t give you access to the latest match played between Nadal and Federer.Amazon Prime is similar. It also gives users access to great Amazon Prime only content, like delicious The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Both Netflix and Amazon also give users access to fantastic old content, including thousands of movies and hundreds of TV shows.In a way, and also because Apple is starting so late, the Apple TV+ may never catch up to Prime and Netflix in terms of the depth of old content and movies. Even it’s originals, despite the star-studded cast, may not match the depth of what Netflix and Prime can offer. But I believe this is not what Apple is trying to do. It is not trying to create a Netflix or Prime, which are content services.advertisement(Apple) TV of futureInstead, Apple is trying to build a TV platform of future that uses streaming. And at the heart of the service is the Apple TV. The Apple TV+ is just the icing on the cake.So as a platform, here is what I think Apple TV is trying to be: It is trying to be a hub where you will have access to other streaming services as well as TV channels. In addition to that, via the Apple TV+ you will have access to some originals.This is very much evident when you see how the Apple TV is going to work. Unlike Netflix and even Prime, Apple TV is not another platform where users would find some original content along with TV shows and movies that they can’t select. Instead, the service offers users an option to select the content from their cable TV subscription, be its cricket matches, news, fashion shows or even movies, that they want to see along with exclusive access to the Apple Originals.In fact, users will also be able to subscribe to services like Amazon Prime and Hulu on Apple TV. Now – for now – this is conditional. After users subscribe to these services on Apple TV, they will still have to watch the Hulu or the Prime content in their respective apps. But it is possible that in future this may change, particularly if Apple TV proves popular with well-paying iPhone and Mac users. Same you can say for Netflix, which right now has said that it won’t join the Apple TV platform. But what happens in future is something that is difficult to pertain right now.One bit that should help Apple is the number of the screens it owns. Apple has the screen power in its hands and its string of devices — majorly iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs — ensure that it can further its agenda and perhaps even convince more people to subscribe to its video subscription service.The big takeaway is this: if you are just looking at the Apple announcement through the prism of “originals”, you are missing Apple’s big TV play. Apple’s idea seems to be putting everything together – the TV, the streaming services, the originals, the sports channels, the news – in one place and it is hoping that it will be able to pull off something that no other company has succeeded in doing so far. Not Netflix. Not Prime. Not Google with its Youtube. And here is the key bit: It is a big task to pull off something like this but then Apple is a big company with deep pockets. If it can get the right content partners, and if it can show to the world that it is finally time to move away from TV by combining the best of the TV with the best of streaming service, it may leapfrog the likes of Netflix and Prime with ease.advertisementALSO READ | Apple’s video streaming will not be free; HBO, Showtime and Starz to cost $9.99 eachALSO READ | Missed the Apple event? Here are 7 things you should know aboutALSO READ | Apple TV app coming to Amazon Fire TV and Samsung smart TVslast_img read more

Apple is offering an iPhone XR free if you buy one, but there is a catch

first_imgAre you planning to buy a new smartphone? What about about the Apple iPhone XR? Seems a bit pricey for you? What if we told you that you could get two iPhone XR smartphones at the price of one? Would you buy it then? Probably yes.Apple is offering ‘buy one, get one free’ offer on the purchase of an iPhone XR. This means that if you pay for one unit of iPhone XR, you would get another unit at no additional cost. But there is a catch.The offer is available only to the customers residing in the United States, which means if you are living in India or in any other country around the world, you will still have to pay for the second iPhone XR unit should you choose to buy one.For those of you who are living in the States, Apple is offering a carrier discount as a part of which it will offer a second iPhone XR unit from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon free if you upgrade to the new iPhone lineup. The details about the special discount offer were shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who also shared a image of the offer on Twitter.As now noted in this story, Apple has been surprisingly promoting the iPhone XR buy one get one free carrier deals in its own stores. https://t.co/vEpDVwtdpM pic.twitter.com/1zePhIjq8dMark Gurman (@markgurman) July 30, 2019If you are residing in India, the base variant of the Apple iPhone XR with 64GB internal memory is available for Rs 59,900 on Amazon India. On the other hand, Flipkart is offering the device for Rs 58,990. As far as the 128GB variant of the iPhone XR is concerned, the device is available for Rs 64,900 on Amazon India and for Rs 64,999 on Flipkart.advertisementTo give you a quick recap of the specifications, the Apple iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display. It is powered by the Cupertino, California based company’s A12 Bionic chipset and runs on iOS 12. In terms of the camera, the phone sports a 12MP camera with a wide-angle lens at the back and a 7MP camera in the front. It comes with Face unlock technology that is powered by a true depth sensor.ALSO READ: | Apple admits its contractors regularly listen to small parts of Siri’s voice recordingsALSO READ: | Apple continues making truckload of money, India business back on tracksALSO READ: | Google security researchers disclose iOS exploits worth $10 millionlast_img read more

Tosun wins UCL Goal of the Week

first_imgBarcelona v Juventus Tosun stunner named UEFA Champions League Goal of the Week, presented by Nissan! Goal Last updated 2 years ago 23:40 25/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Cenk Tosun Besiktas UCL 09132017 AA Barcelona v Juventus Porto v Beşiktaş Tottenham Hotspur v Borussia Dortmund Chelsea v Qarabağ Qarabağ Porto Borussia Dortmund Beşiktaş Barcelona Juventus Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea UEFA Champions League The Besiktas man won last term’s Goal of the Season award and was back at it on Matchday 1, seeing off competition from Lionel Messi and Harry Kane Besiktas striker Cenk Tosun has claimed this season’s inaugural UEFA Champions League Goal of the Week, presented by Nissan!The Turkey international took the prize for his piledriver that helped Besiktas to an impressive 3-1 victory at Porto on Matchday 1.Tosun beat out competition from the likes of Lionel Messi, who earned a nomination for his stunning, one-time finish during a 3-0 demolition of last season’s finalists Juventus. Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Harry Kane, Pedro and Andriy Yarmolenko also were overlooked after earning nods on an opening week that brought a glut of stunning strikes.Tosun is building quite the reputation as a scorer of great Champions League goals, having claimed the the prestigious Goal of the Season gong last term for his remarkable overhead kick that inspired Besiktas to fight back from three goals down versus Benfica.Click here to watch the UEFA Champions League Goal of the Week, presented by Nissan!last_img read more

‘Magnificent Wales can cope without Bale’

first_imgGareth Bale ‘Magnificent’ Wales can cope without Real Madrid star Bale, says Coleman Sacha Pisani Last updated 2 years ago 14:33 10/4/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Gareth Bale Wales Getty Gareth Bale Wales v Republic of Ireland Wales WC Qualification Europe Georgia v Wales Despite the absence of the Real Madrid star, his national manager remains upbeat heading into Friday’s Group D fixture against Georgia Wales manager Chris Coleman insists the World Cup hopefuls can deal with the loss of injured star Gareth Bale.Coleman will be without Real Madrid forward Bale for Wales’ final two qualifiers against Georgia and the Republic of Ireland due to a calf injury. Wales, England & Scotland to win: 11/2 Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. It is a blow for Wales, who are second in Group D, four points behind leaders Serbia and just a point clear of the Irish as they cling to a potential play-off berth.Coleman, however, remains upbeat heading into Friday’s trip to Georgia.Gareth Bale WalesJames McClean Gareth Bale Republic of Ireland Wales 28032017“We are in good shape,” Coleman said. “It is all to play for.”We have always been a little half a step behind, but we have injuries this campaign which we never had last campaign [for Euro 2016]. But you don’t get there with ones and twos, it is about everybody.”This campaign we haven’t always had Bale, Aaron Ramsey or Joe Allen. They are obviously three super-special players and we haven’t always had them, but the lads who have come in have been absolutely magnificent.”last_img read more

Report: Torino 1 Napoli 3

first_imgTorino 1 Napoli 3: Historic Hamsik strike sends Sarri’s side top Jamie Smith Last updated 1 year ago 02:59 12/17/17 Marek Hamsik Getty Images A 3-1 win at Torino on Saturday saw Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli side move back to the top of the Serie A table. Marek Hamsik equalled Diego Maradona’s Napoli goalscoring record as Maurizio Sarri’s men won 3-1 at Torino on Saturday to move top of the Serie A table.Napoli had failed to score in three of their last five league games but they took the lead after just three minutes at the Olimpico Grande Torino.Allan flicked on a left-wing set-piece and centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly was perfectly positioned to crash in an unstoppable header, scoring Napoli’s sixth goal from corners this season. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Piotr Zielinski doubled Napoli’s lead after 24 minutes, capitalising on slack Torino defending to run on to Jorginho’s pass and beat Salvatore Sirigu.GA historic goal for Marek #Hamsik! Captain#TorinoNapoli 0-3#SerieATIM#ForzaNapoliSempre pic.twitter.com/ImGQmdgxaX— Official SSC Napoli (@en_sscnapoli) December 16, 2017Hamsik enjoyed his historic moment before the break, slotting a first-time strike into the top-right corner to level Maradona’s haul of 115 goals for Napoli in all competitions and make it a perfect day for the Partenopei.Andrea Belotti squeezed a low strike past Pepe Reina to get Torino on the scoresheet after 63 minutes, but victory gives Napoli a two-point lead over Inter after their surprise 3-1 home loss to Udinese. read morelast_img read more

Coutinho highlighting Alexis’ poor professionalism

first_imgPremier League Alexis should have followed Coutinho’s lead after transfer snub Chris Wheatley Arsenal correspondent 17:00 12/21/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(8) Coutinho and Alexis Sanchez Getty Premier League Arsenal A. Sánchez Arsenal v Liverpool Liverpool The Chilean may not get his move to Man City until the summer and hasn’t replicated anywhere near his form of last season so far 30 goals and 19 assists last season prompted Manchester City to target Alexis Sanchez in a protracted deal which eventually fell through on transfer deadline day. The Chilean was furious, his representatives were left reeling and Arsenal were left in a position where Sanchez’s potential replacement – Thomas Lemar – opted to reject the Gunners and Liverpool due to the last-minute nature of the transfer war over his signature.Five months on and the Alexis ‘gamble’ has quite simply backfired on manager Arsene Wenger, who has consistently backed the Chilean’s ‘professionalism’ all season. Stories of player unrest towards Sanchez has been overplayed, especially when you consider a team like Chelsea managing to win the Premier League with the divisive Diego Costa in their ranks. What will be of more concern for Wenger is Sanchez’s increasingly lax attitude in possession and, crucially, the fact that he is contributing less now than he did at the same point last season.Guardiola and Alexis Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Pep Guardiola’s likely decision to wait until the summer to bid for Sanchez means Arsenal are almost certainly going to miss out on a transfer fee for the forward. It’s common knowledge that the 29-year-old wants to leave – but who is going to take him in January? Paris Saint-Germain may have tentative interest while Bayern Munich aren’t a likely destination even if Arturo Vidal plays for them – it is worth noting that Vidal is a player whom Alexis is not close friends with despite sharing the same agent and national team dressing room.One of the main reasons he isn’t replicating his previous form is almost certainly due to Wenger’s decision to play him on the left instead of as a centre forward. The signing of Alexandre Lacazette means that Sanchez rarely gets a run through the middle unless they interchange positions – and with Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck both fighting for game time in a similar role it’s become clear that Wenger prefers his £52m club record signing up top in his favoured position.Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho has seven assists in his last 13 matches and in stark contrast to Sanchez, appears to look settled on the pitch – even after having his head turned by Barcelona. Coutinho went one step further than Sanchez by handing in a transfer request and, while his contract isn’t set to expire at the end of the season, many have pointed out that his contribution on the pitch hasn’t been affected whatsoever by the uncertainty across the summer.“Sanchez looks to me like he’s clocked off,” Arsenal legend Ian Wright said on BBC Radio Five Live .“His attitude is saying a lot about him. If he could have gone in January, the way he’s playing now, I can’t see how that’s gonna hurt Arsenal.“He’s not playing well enough, he’s not putting in a shift.Philippe Coutinho Liverpool“I know Coutinho’s not coming to the end of his contract but Coutinho did want to leave. He made it clear, he put a transfer request in.“Look at the way he’s playing, look at the way Ozil’s playing. The fact is you’ve got to still put it in.“It says a lot about him. For people looking in, who are potential buyers, what are they thinking about him and his attitude?”Four goals in 15 league appearances this season is a tally Sanchez certainly won’t be happy with, and with his tantrums and complaining on the pitch increasing game by game there is no surprise that Arsenal shelved contract talks with his agent months ago.In comparison, Mesut Ozil is a player the club have identified as wanting to keep after initially holding informal talks with the German’s representative last season.If Sanchez can learn from two players this season then Ozil and Coutinho are certainly up here, and the latter will be desperate to show his South American counterpart who the Premier League’s most professional wantaway forward is on Friday night when Arsenal face Liverpool. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Talking Horses: Why is this capable horse 33-1? Plus Wednesday tips

first_img … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Today’s best bets, by Chris CookI had an enjoyable morning at Nigel Twiston-Davies’s yard yesterday, watching the horses getting ever fitter as they climbed his hillside gallop with grappling hooks and crampons. The vistas around there are unsurpassably beautiful, if you like your countryside in essentially four colours: green grass, blue sky, gleaming Cotswold stone and mud over the bottom two feet of everything. Wolverhampton 12.15 Secret Return 12.45 Zapateado 1.15 Monteja 1.45 Ghanimah 2.20 Primero 2.50 Spinning Melody 3.25 Spin Top 3.55 Haven’s View Wetherby 12.25 Bid Adieu 12.55 Secrete Stream 1.25 Fin And Game 2.00 Gino Trail 2.30 Road To Rome 3.05 Shantung 3.35 Belle Amis (nb) Hereford12.35 Sydney De Baune (nap) 1.05 Stage Summit 1.35 Bear Spirit 2.10 Plantagenet 2.40 Undefined Beauty 3.15 Thomas Blossom 3.45 Cydercourt Kempton 4.10 Ispolini 4.40 Lashabeeh 5.10 Ellen Gates 5.40 Run With Pride 6.10 Reckless Endeavour 6.40 Great Court 7.10 Sky Eagle 7.40 Sonnet Rose Share on Pinterest Share on WhatsApp features Support The Guardian Read more Share on LinkedIn Topics Share on Twitter Horse racing tips He made his familiar complaint about his horses being underestimated in the betting and I have a lot of sympathy. I don’t think he means every race because we can all spot a Twiston-Davies horse in an early-autumn novice handicap chase and those horses probably go off shorter than they should. But Splash Of Ginge’s 25-1 score in the BetVictor suggests we have trouble seeing his major handicap winners coming, even when we know he’s in form and even in a race he’s won several times before. Continuing that thought, what is his Double Ross doing at 33-1 for Saturday’s Ladbrokes Trophy? He was third in the race last year under an aggressive ride, gets in 2lb lower this time and will be ridden with more restraint (or at least, that’s the plan) on what should be a drying surface. Oh, I’m not saying he’s the most likely winner or that I’m going to tip him in Saturday’s paper. But his chance is better than 33-1 and you’d think there would be more interest, given that his trainer has been mopping up the big steeplechases in the past month.Twiston-Davies has the younger, more fancied Cogry in the race but I didn’t get the impression, talking to him yesterday, that he felt there was an enormous amount between them. He’s happy to have two chances in the race formerly known as the Hennessy.There’s 2-1 about today’s nap, Sydeny De Baune (12.35), who tackles fences for the first time at Hereford. This is a Robert Walford project who showed little in his initial forays over hurdles last season but impressed me on his return at Chepstow last month, beating an odds-on shot from the Jack Barber yard. Chasing should be his game and he should have a bit in hand, even on his revised mark. At Wetherby, 10-1 is bigger than I expected about Fin And Game (1.25), from the Donald McCain yard that is having its best November for four years. This five-year-old is closely related to Peddlers Cross, McCain’s Champion Hurdle runner-up, and showed a good level of ability on his bumper debut in January. With the yard going so well, I’ll take a chance on this one’s hurdles debut.There’s been some money for Road To Rome (2.30), who is 7s from the opening 10-1. He’s having his first run for Oliver Sherwood, after leaving a stable with a 4% strike-rate in recent seasons. He was second of seven when last seen, on only the second handicap start of his career. Tips for all Wednesday races Bristol De Mai on a high but punters and bookmakers remain cool Since you’re here… Share on Facebook Talking Horses Share via Email The Recap: sign up for the best of the Guardian’s sport coverage Read more Horse racing Share on Messenger Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Evans remains West Brom captain

first_imgWest Bromwich Albion Pardew confirms Evans remains West Brom captain Jamie Smith 22:52 2/22/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments() Jonny Evans Getty Images West Bromwich Albion West Bromwich Albion v Southampton Southampton FA Cup West Bromwich Albion v Huddersfield Town Huddersfield Town Premier League The Baggies have decided to allow the Northern Ireland defender to retain the captain’s armband following his breach of curfew in Spain Alan Pardew will not strip Jonny Evans of the West Brom captaincy despite the Northern Ireland international’s role in a training camp incident.Evans and three team-mates – Gareth Barry, Jake Livermore and Boaz Myhill – admitted to a “curfew breach” while the club were away in Spain.A UK newspaper reported the quartet stole a taxi after a late-night outing to a fast food restaurant, with the players involved issuing an apology. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Barry and Evans were both named in the West Brom team for a 2-1 FA Cup home defeat to Southampton on Saturday, but Evans’ fellow defender Gareth McAuley wore the armband.Evans will return as captain for Saturday’s crunch Premier League clash with Huddersfield Town, however, Pardew told reporters.”They’ve been disciplined by the club. We move on,” Pardew said at a pre-match news conference on Thursday.”The only way we can get ourselves out of the spotlight is to win games.”Livermore was the only one of the four players involved in the training camp incident to miss the Southampton game, but Pardew confirmed he is fit to face the Terriers.”I’m convinced we have the ability,” Pardew said, with WBA bottom of the Premier League and seven points adrift of 17th-placed Huddersfield Town.”We still have some big players to come back in Nacer Chadli and James Morrison. Jake Livermore and Kieran Gibbs are available. Daniel Sturridge will miss the game.”Our desire levels are strong and the group have come together. If you look at our games, they’ve been so tight and we’ve drawn plenty. We need to turn draws into the five or six wins we will need. We know how important Saturday’s game is.”Our focus this week is winning the game. It’s a massive game. Huddersfield have improved recently and got a couple of good results. We need to show pride on Saturday.”last_img read more

Figo demands time for under-pressure Zidane

first_imgReal Madrid Figo demands time for under-pressure Real Madrid boss Zidane Ryan Benson 01:30 2/28/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) zidane-cropped Getty Images Real Madrid Primera División Espanyol v Real Madrid Espanyol Zinédine Zidane Lionel Messi The Merengue coach has attracted criticism as a result of the team’s recent struggles, but his old team-mate is adamant he is right for the job. Luis Figo believes some of the criticism levelled at Zinedine Zidane this season has been unfair, suggesting Real Madrid’s detractors have forgotten his previous achievements too quickly.Zidane enjoyed a brilliant start to his coaching career at the Santiago Bernabeu, leading Madrid to Champions League success within five months of replacing the sacked Rafael Benitez in January 2016.He then guided Madrid to a Champions League and LaLiga double in his first full season in charge, helping the club become the first to win Europe’s elite competition in its current guise for two straight years. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player This term things have been somewhat more troublesome, with Madrid’s transfer activity coming under criticism and they head in to Tuesday’s away league clash with Espanyol 14 points adrift of leaders Barcelona.And, although Figo acknowledges pressure is something every Real Madrid coach needs to accept, he is adamant his former team-mate is the right man for the club.Speaking to Omnisport, Figo said: “The coach of Real Madrid is always under pressure and you know that you depend always on results.”People forget very fast what you achieved in the recent past.”Zinedine Zidane deserves more time at Real Madrid despite their troubles this season, according to Luis Figo.#RealMadrid #LaLiga pic.twitter.com/bTi1aPJMQw— Omnisport (@OmnisportNews) February 27, 2018″But sport is like that. For me, you can win every year. But since he picked the team, I think he did fantastic, great.”But the problem normally in football is it depends on what you do in the last games.”People forget very fast what you achieved in the recent past. But I think the people are happy, the players are happy with him and that is the most important.”Part of the reason Madrid are so far behind Barca this season is the form of Lionel Messi, who has been sensational, scoring 22 and setting up another 12 in 25 LaLiga appearances.And his impressive performances have not escaped Figo, who lauded him as “one of the greatest of all time”.”It’s amazing what he is achieving and I think every time he doesn’t surprise us because he makes amazing things every game,” Figo added.”So this is very beautiful what he does in terms of football and his career. He’s one of the greatest footballers of all-time.”last_img read more

The top 10 teenage future El Tri stars

first_imgNxGn Gonzalez, Vargas & the top 10 teenage future Mexico national team stars Jon Arnold Click here to see more stories from this author 04:00 3/30/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Jonathan Gonzalez Monterrey NxGn Mexico Liga MX As part of the NxGn series, Goal takes a look at the most promising young players who could represent El Trilast_img