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Photo gallery: Bossier vs. Ruston boys summer league

first_imgImages from Thursday’s Bossier-Ruston Summer League game at Bossier Premier Diamond BoutiqueHong Kong’s first lab-grown diamond empirePremier Diamond Boutique|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Secret Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unblock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoCelebsland.com9 Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery DisastersCelebsland.com|SponsoredSponsoredUndoPerfect-Dating.comAre You Ready to Meet Cool Guys in Tung Chung?Perfect-Dating.com|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Trick Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unlock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoAspireAbove.comRemember Abby from NCIS? Take A Deep Breath Before You See How She Looks NowAspireAbove.com|SponsoredSponsoredUndolast_img read more

World Cup 2014 Previews Group H: Russia

first_imgOlympics: Figure Skating-Team Ice Dance Free DanceTeam: RussiaNickname: SbonayaGroup: HSchedule: June 17 vs. South Korea, June 22 vs. Belgium, June 26 vs. AlgeriaWorld Cup History: As Russia… Qualified (1994, 2002), As Soviet Union… Semifinals (1966), Quarterfinals (1958, 1962, 1970), Second Round (1982, 1986)Rankings: FIFA (18), Elo (15)Winning Odds: 80-1The Soviet Union was a soccer power. The Russian Federation has been anything but. They have qualified for only three World Cups since the breakup. Euro 2008 was the only time the Russians have gotten past a group stage. With nationalism surging under Putin and hosting a World Cup just four years away, the Russians will be looking to change that.Qualifying Form: The Russians first in UEFA Qualifying Group F, edging Portugal by a point with a 7-1-2 record and a +15 goal difference. They won all five home matches, but were a bit more erratic on the road, drawing Azerbaijan and losing to Northern IrelandRELATED: The Big Lead 2014 World Cup PreviewsCoach: Fabio Capello. The 67-year-old Italian is one of Europe’s greatest ever club managers. Counting the ones later stripped, Capello has won nine league titles at AC Milan, Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus. He also lifted the 1994 Champions League with AC Milan. He took over England after Steve McClaren failed to qualify for Euro 2008. The English were dire in South Africa, failing to beat the U.S. and Algeria in the group stage. Instead of the Ghana/Uruguay route to the semifinals, England met a surging Germany in the Round of 16. Capello eventually quit before Euro 2012. Known for disagreements at his multiple stops, it will be interesting to see whether he lasts until 2018.Tactics: Capello has basically used a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, depending on how you group the midfielders. This team is well-organized, defensive and presses high up the pitch. They are built for thwarting good, attacking teams, rather than taking the initiative against weaker opposition that tries to defend.Player to Watch: Alan Dzagoev. The 23-year-old CSKA Moscow attacking midfielder has a flair for scoring goals (three at Euro 2012) and for picking up dumb red cards. Whether things go well or poorly for Russia, Dzagoev should be at the center of it.Squad: The entire 23-man squad is based in Russia. That means fresher legs than most, after a three-month break from December to February and fewer matches played. Capello’s biggest move was dumping star Andiry Arshavin.Igor Akinfeev is one of the world’s standout goalkeepers. He is fronted by his CSKA club teammates Sergei Ignasevich and Vasili Berezutski. The trio have been playing together, for club and country, for about a decade. They have a strong veteran central midfield. Ditto for the wingers. Dzagoev will play behind the lead striker. There’s still some question whether that will be the veteran Alexandr Kerzhakov or young starlet Alexander Kokorin. Capello could play both in a 4-4-2 or play Kokorin on the wing.This squad does not have great depth. This means injuries or bookings in certain positions could be devastating. It also limits Capello’s ability to adjust.Putin Swim APGroup Outlook: The Russians are the clear second favorites behind Belgium. They could earn a result against the Belgians and win the group. They could also struggle to score and limp away from the group stage. Getting to the knockout rounds would be viewed as a success and a springboard to build from for 2018. It’s conceivable the Russians could surprise a team in the Round of 16, especially Portugal who they played twice in qualifying.Instagram PhotoNotable WAG: Olga Berezutskaya is the wife of Russian defender Vasili Berezutski.Arbitrary Russian Power Rankings: 1. Peter the Great 2. Tolstoy 3. Dostoyevsky 4. Ivan Drago 5. Solzhenitsyn[USA Today Sports, AP]last_img read more

Your Team(s) Best All-Time Look?

first_img Share on other sites 210 Forums Home Favourite Logos:1993-2001 Pittsburgh Penguins logo Members 0 Billy B Trequartista Your Team(s) Best All-Time Look? 234 Prev 8 Share on other sites 3,803 Link to post CharlotteIllini88 2,091 posts Next Share on other sites Location:Dzekoburgh 3,803 By pianoknight, March 2, 2012 in Sports Logo News Link to post Share on other sites Favourite Logos:Toronto Blue Jays (1977, 2012), Toronto Maple Leafs (1927-66) Foxxtrot44 Members Location:Eugene, OR 47 Prev 2 1 194 Share on other sites 0 It’s my dream to see Fighting #Illinion the court…I double this. Especially with #13 there wearing it. I was in high school back in 1989. What a year. 0 47 Share this post 1,204 Members Share this post Share this post Sports Logos 49 PhlyBoy Location:Charlotte, NC Share on other sites Posted March 2, 2012 Link to post 154 Link to post Foxxtrot44 1,457 451 1,771 posts 1,292 6 8 451 Share this post Share on other sites Share on other sites Posted March 2, 2012 All Activity 72 Posted March 2, 2012 Location:Houston 221 PhlyBoy piratesfan16 11,788 posts Link to post SportsLogos.Net Link to post 47 72 Link to post RedSox44 mmejia Share this post mmejia Members Sports Logo News pianoknight McCall 0 Share on other sites This thread will likely be glutted with pics…so I’ll stick to one team (that’s gone far away from their best look imo)…Utah’s insane-ulous 1996-97 uni’s Share on other sites Link to post 1,071 posts Location:Missouri Location:A Nice Place to Live 0 kestrel79 Link to post 106 posts UnclearInitial 1,954 posts 1,460 posts Of the teams you root for, which is their best uniform set(s)?As a Husker fan, I can’t really post much since our uniforms have been largely the same for decades. For STL, however, I strongly prefer the Warner-2000 era set over any other. The old blue/whites are just too drab and Colts-y, and I was never a fan of the royal blue/bright yellow combo either. 5 Members Posted March 2, 2012 49 wILL-INI 210 Members Link to post 5,747 posts 0 0 3 1,404 posts Location:Calgary AB Canada 1,204 1,870 posts 79 posts Members 221 Share this post Location:Downingtown, PA Your Team(s) Best All-Time Look? Location:bah. UnclearInitial 3,678 posts 47 CharlotteIllini88 Sign in to follow this   5 0 It’s my dream to see Fighting #Illinion the court… Share this post Patchey13 Link to post piratesfan16 Share this post It’s not ideal, but I don’t think it’ll put a dagger Dnice 0 Members 221 All Activity Recommended Posts Posted March 2, 2012 Link to post Share this post Share this post Followers 3 Favourite Logos:Toronto Blue Jays 2012 – Quebec NordiquesMinnesota North StarsHartford WhalersNew York MetsBoston Bruins (all except 1995-2007)New Detroit Lions 234 Posted March 2, 2012 Link to post 154 Great thread idea!Pittsburgh Pirates (1977-1984)Close 2nd: Pittsburgh Pirates (2001-2005) 4,436 8 pianoknight SportsLogos.Net 49 Morgan33 Posted March 2, 2012 Share this post Followers 3 Page 1 of 8   Korkie Members 47 1,292 PhlyBoy Posted March 2, 2012 Location:Paign, Illinois! 0 Members Link to post Share on other sites wILL-INI Posted March 2, 2012 4,436 Go To Topic Listing Location:Wisconsin Korkie 1,457 Location:Surrey B.C 4 Members Sports Logo News The Giants, Knicks (Homes only), Yankees and Rangers are all wearing their best look. 154 Link to post I too will stick to one team: 2,975 Of the teams you root for, which is their best uniform set(s)?As a Husker fan, I can’t really post much since our uniforms have been largely the same for decades. For STL, however, I strongly prefer the Warner-2000 era set over any other. The old blue/whites are just too drab and Colts-y, and I was never a fan of the royal blue/bright yellow combo either.Actually 2000 used block numbers. The current numbers were on the replicas at the time, but didn’t appear on the game jerseys until 2001. I actually preferred the block, which were actually more baseball block. 0 #Grateful 0 Share this post Flamewagoning 234 5 Share on other sites Favourite Logos:Wild, Whalers, North Stars, Avalanche 3 Share on other sites Doran Share this post Link to post 0 Morgan33 0 1 2,975 Posted March 2, 2012 Billy B Location:Augusta,GA Share this post Location:Portland, ME, USA The rest of them (Bears, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks) are thankfully wearing what they should be. 21 210 1,954 posts Forums Home Share on other sites This is a bunch of stuff! Share on other sites 0 Replace the black on the blue jerseys with white and this is the set they should be wearing. 194 4 4,436 Patchey13 210 Share on other sites Twins: Current once-a-week throwback.T-Wolves: Original road uniform.Wild: Original green.North Stars: early 1980s home whites (pre black addition)Vikings: 1996 to 2005 WhitesWisconsin football: Not much has changed during my time…red jersey, white pants.Wisconsin hoops: I don’t love anything. Prefer pre-adidas number font. This was VERY mid 1990, but give me the red version of it…Wisconsin hockey: Red version of this (yes, with the superfluous double-outlines…way better than the plain, lace up crap they switched to) 11,362 posts You gotta love it! 0 Link to post Posted March 2, 2012 2,975 5 I like this version of the P more than any other they used. Share this post Share this post Formerly & Currently McCall Posted March 2, 2012 Members 6,188 posts It should always be Christmas in New Jersey Favourite Logos:Chief Illiniwek &Blue Jackets Third &Arsenal Primary &too many to list… 0 12,401 posts Members Toronto Blue JaysIt’s a tie:1993-1996and2012-presentToronto Maple Leafs1960-1967 (approx.) 0 Members 0 Your Team(s) Best All-Time Look? 451 As a Brewers fan my favorite is the alternate road uniforms. gray pants, blue jersey with “Milwaukee” script.Agreed 0 0 Posted March 2, 2012 OnWis97 Members Share on other sites PhlyBoy 210 Link to post Share this post kestrel79 Posted March 2, 2012 Share this post Members Posted March 2, 2012 47 Posted March 2, 2012 0 2 210 1,714 posts Members 1,204 6 Favourite Logos:Chief IlliniwekChicago CubsChicago BullsMilwaukee BrewersCharlotte Hornets 3,803 Posted March 2, 2012 Next 14,934 posts This topic is now closed to further replies. McCall Posted March 2, 2012 TheOldRoman Doran 268 posts Share on other sites RedSox44 OnWis97 72 1,457 Posted March 2, 2012 Link to post Share this post Tough call, I can go with the red version of these too.. Share on other sites Members As a Brewers fan my favorite is the alternate road uniforms. gray pants, blue jersey with “Milwaukee” script. Share this post Dnice 15,496 posts 5 Share on other sites Link to post Page 1 of 8   You sicken me. Sign in to follow this   TheOldRoman 1,292 Members 194 Posted March 2, 2012 Sports Logos Members 0last_img read more

“I think it’s Spurs” – Tottenham pushed forward as player’s destination,…

first_imgOn Saturday, we covered a claim from the Catalan media that both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United have initiated contact over signing Donny van de Beek. Later that day he sat out of a friendly, with Ajax confirming it’s transfer related. Then the claims really started, and it’s been the Manchester club highlighted as the player’s imminent destination.There’s been targeted leaks to the Catalan media, and it all seems to be coming from someone at the Dutch club. Tottenham fans may remember similar happened when talks were taking place for Davinson Sanchez, with claims of offers from Real Madrid which didn’t exist.Andre Onana has also been the subject of endless stories about clubs being interested in him, with a lot of it seeming manufactured. Before Frenkie De Jong signed for Barcelona, there’d been a front page De Telegraaf story saying he was moving to PSG, and earlier this year the same newspaper went big with a claim of an agreed deal for Van de Beek to move to Real Madrid.De Telegraaf certainly don’t grasp things from thin air, so it doesn’t take too much assumption to think someone at the Dutch club was planting these stories.So whilst there are reports of an imminent move to Manchester United, not everyone in the Netherlands is convinced.Van de Beek’s agent Guido Albers is at Ajax’s training centre today, and Fox Netherlands journalist Jan-Joost van Gangelen spoke to him briefly. The agent talked down the idea of a move to Real Madrid, and the journalist was left with the impression a transfer is being finalised elsewhere.However, he went against the grain, and suggested a move to Tottenham instead, saying “I think it’s Spurs”, as quoted by Voetbal Primeur.by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayHero Wars根本不可能获得这个宝藏!来证明我们错了Hero WarsUndoForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this Game is a Must-HaveForge of Empires – Free Online GameUndoInvest With VICShe collects rental-like income every month! See how she does it!Invest With VICUndoDBS”I had S$9 left in my bank account”DBSUndoWealthMastery.asiaThis Singaporean Couple is Disrupting A $3 Trillion IndustryWealthMastery.asiaUndoTip ParentsBaby Keeps Waking Up With Scratches, Mom Checks Camera And Calls CopsTip ParentsUndoRaid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadEven Non-Gamers Are Obsessed With This RPG Game (It’s Worth Installing!)Raid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadUndoGOMO by Singtel.Switch to GOMO. 40GB for $20 for 12 months!GOMO by Singtel.UndoSingtelGet 30GB for $25 on SG’s #1 network.SingtelUndolast_img read more

William Hill fears for Welsh success at Euro 2016

first_img MoneyMatrix boosts wire transfer options by integrating Klarna’s Sofort August 24, 2020 Submit StumbleUpon Related Articles Rupert Adams, William Hill.William Hill has confirmed that they are fearing for a fairy-tale Welsh success in the Euro 2016 final on Sunday. The bookmaker has made Germany and France joint 7/4 favourites to win the tournament, but they are hoping that big outsiders Wales fail to emulate the Leicester City story.Wales are currently 8/1, but William Hill have racked up seven figure liabilities should they win the tournament. Chris Coleman’s side are in semi-final action against Portugal in Lyon on Wednesday, whilst joint favourites Germany and France face off in Marseille a day later.Rupert Adams, Media Relations at William Hill, said: “Just about everyone who backed Leicester to win the Premier League seems to have lumped on Wales, and we could be about to see the second football fairy-tale of the year. That said it has been a tournament of surprises, and so far it has been one of our best ever tournaments.”The first semi-final has been billed as a battle between Real Madrid ‘Galacticos’, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. Bale is second in the top goalscorers list behind only Antoine Griezmann, and 6/1 to win the Golden Boot. Meanwhile, Ronaldo is priced at 7/1 despite only managing a brace against Hungary so far.William Hill Euro 2016 Odds:France & Germany – 7/4Portugal – 7/2Wales – 8/1 FDJ’s ParionsSport launches sponsorship programme for French amateur football August 24, 2020 Share Share SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020last_img read more

Barcelona boss Setien fears he could be sacked BEFORE Champions League restarts after losing out on LaLiga title

first_imgQUIQUE SETIEN fears he could face the chop before Barca face off with Napoli in the Champions League next month.The Nou Camp boss admitted his doubts after his side’s shock 2-1 defeat at home to Osasuna while Real bagged their first LaLiga title since 2016/17 with a win against Villareal.Barcelona’s head coach Quique Setien fears he could be axed before his side’s Champions League clash with NapoliBarcelona captain Lionel Messi blasted his team-mates after they lost the title to their rivals.The Argentine superstar dubbed them “weak” and “erratic” and cast doubt over their chances of reaching the Champions League quarter-finals.Setien backed his skipper’s comments and reckons Barca are in need of a major shake up before they host Napoli on August 8.   As reported by Spanish outlet Marca, he said: “I am responsible for our situation, as I am the manager of the team,“I hope we will face the Champions League this summer as a different team, but I am not sure about what happens next for me.“I agree with the post match comments from Lionel Messi about self-criticism, and we must look at ourselves in the coming weeks.”And in a scathing post-match interview, Messi, 33, said: “We didn’t want to end the season like this but it represents how the season has gone.“We were a very erratic, very weak, low-intensity team. We lost a lot of points and today’s game is a summary of the season.“We have to be self-critical. Starting with the players but doing a global self-criticism.“We are Barca and we have to win everything. “We can’t look at Madrid. Madrid have done their job, but we have helped them a lot.”And Messi also cast doubt over Barca’s ability to reach the last eight of the Champions League.They drew 1-1 at Napoli in the first leg of their last-16 tie before lockdown and have to beat the Italians or draw 0-0 in the home leg on August 8 to progress.Messi added: “If we want to win the Champions League, we have to change a lot. If we continue like this, we will lose the game against Napoli.”“We have to change lots of things.”Barca will face Chelsea or Bayern Munich in the next round if they beat Napoli.Though it is likely to be the Germans who won 3-0 at Stamford Bridge in the first leg of their last-16 tie.Setien only took the top job from Ernesto Valverde in January but reports have claimed that Nou Camp stars ‘do not see the Spaniard capable of managing, training or running’ Barca.Barcelona aces are even said to have doubted Setien’s ability since his first defeat, 2-0 at Valencia on January 25.They went into the coronavirus lockdown two points clear of Madrid at the top of the table, with 11 games to go but their form dwindled after the restart.Whereas Los Blancos won all 10 of their games after the coronavirus break.Lionel Messi scores 700th goal with panenka vs Atletico Madrid People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 What’s This “Trick” Called? Comment Down Below!! Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels 8 MOST DANGEROUS RAINS of All Time | TOP 10 INTERESTING Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017center_img Top 5 Best Budget Hotels In Dubai under AED 400 a night. Real or Fake? Shark Attacks Helicopter 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures! Source: Soccer – thesun.co.uklast_img read more

Sharks see opportunity, not failure in Canberra

first_imgThey might’ve been written off in the build-up, but the Sharks see their Super Rugby quarterfinal clash against the Brumbies in Canberra on Saturday as an opportunity rather than mission impossible.While the hosts are undoubtedly heavy favourites – they’ve won their last seven games at home – the Sharks have performed well on the road.It’s in sharp contrast to how they’ve done at home.Sharks coach Robert du Preez believe they are in a similar position to last weekend’s derby against the Stormers, which was also a knock-out match of sorts.It’s an assignment they successfully completed, even though it took a Lukhanyo Am try after the siren.“What a fantastic opportunity it was for both sides last weekend. I was chatting to the Stormers coaches before the game and it was a great chance for all the players involved,” said Du Preez.“(Like this weekend), we all knew what is at stake and how important it is to get a positive result.”The Brumbies’ big centre, Tevita Kuridrani, could hold the biggest threat to the Durbanites, particularly on defence, and is the fulcrum of a backline brimming with attacking potential.On the other end of the spectrum, the Sharks are more renowned for their robust pack of forwards.The man Du Preez likes to call ‘MJ’ – loosehead prop Mzamo Majola – has a massive role to play in fronting that effort after the veteran Beast Mtawarira was ruled out the second straight week to a knee injury.“Beast hurt his knee again in the Captain’s the day before the Stormers game but we have MJ, who has played a couple of games for us. He’s more than just an adequate replacement for Beast,” said Du Preez.The Sharks are expecting another gritty battle in the Australian capital.“It’s going be like a Test match out there and building scoreboard pressure is going to be important. If there are scoring chances, and hopefully there’s a few, we will try to take them.  Quite frankly, we don’t care who we are facing. Winning is the most important thing,” said Du Preez.Today’s clash could be a farewell game for Brumbies captain Christian Lealiifano, flank David Pocock and lock Sam Carter, while the Sharks could wave goodbye to Robert du Preez jnr, Coenie Oosthuizen and Jacques Vermeulen.Sharks: Curwin Bosch, Sbu Nkosi, Lukhanyo Am, Andre Esterhuizen, Makazole Mapimpi, Robert du Preez jnr, Louis Schreuder (c), Dan du Preez, Tyler Paul, Jacques Vermeulen, Hyron Andrews, Ruben van Heerden, Coenie Oosthuizen, Kerron van Vuuren, Mzamo Majola. Bench: Cullen Collopy, Juan Schoeman, Thomas du Toit, Gideon Koegelenberg, Luke Stringer, Cameron Wright, Jeremy Ward, Rhyno Smith.For more sport your way, download The Citizen’s app for iOS and Android.last_img read more

Shirley (Dowers) Biller, 85, Oxford: Jan. 12, 1931 – Nov. 18, 2016

first_imgShirley BillerShirley Ann (Dowers) Biller, 85, was born, raised, and spent most of her adult life in Oxford. After the death of her husband, Fred O. Biller, in 1992, Shirley moved to Topeka, in 1994 to be closer to daughters and grandchildren. For over two decades, she was an enthusiastic participant in life, including active membership at Fairlawn Church of the Nazarene, spending many hours as a volunteer in the Topeka community, enjoying time with family and friends, homemaking and gardening, and spreading the Good News through thought and deed.Shirley was born on January 12, 1931, the daughter of C.W. and Marion Victoria (Ginder) Dowers in Oxford. She was a 1949 graduate of Oxford High School before attending Southwestern College in Winfield where she studied business. On December 21, 1955 she was united in marriage to Fred O. Biller in Newkirk, Okla. To the couple, three daughters were born: Susan, Sheryl and Sharon.   Shirley was a stellar role model for her children. She was hardworking, disciplined and talented, and just as her mother was before her, she was an active member of the First Baptist Church in Oxford.  She raised her daughters to regularly attend church and participate actively in activities there. Setting the example, Shirley taught Adult Sunday School, actively participated in Church activities and projects, and served as pianist and organist for the church for many years. When her daughters became teenagers, Shirley felt called to run for the Oxford School Board. She was elected, and served as a school board member and as board president during her tenure.She worked 14 years at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Wellington, and after her move to Topeka, she worked for six years at the Kansas Judicial Center.  She was an active and dedicated volunteer and committee member for Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging in Topeka.  She enjoyed participating (and helping teach) Bible Study at church, lunches out with family and friends, and especially loved family dinners with home cooked meals and spending time with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.After surgery for a broken femur, Shirley’s daughters and family members were with her continuously throughout the next six weeks, during stays in the hospital, physical rehabilitation, and Midland Care-Hospice House.  Her last five days were spent in the home of her daughter in Topeka, where she continued to receive loving care and support from family, with hospice support, until her death on November 18, 2016.Surviving to honor her memory are her daughters and their husbands: Susan Nelson and husband Monty; Sheryl Strathman and husband Matt, of Topeka, KS. Sharon Treat and husband Richard of St. Charles, MO.  Grandchildren include Susan’s daughter, Calysta MacDonald; Sheryl’s sons, Colton, Hunter and Grayson Strathman; and Sharon’s sons, Alexander, Jacob and Christian Treat. Great grandchildren include, India MacDonald, Zooey MacDonald and Solomon Mota.Preceding Shirley in death are her parents, Marion (Ginder) and Charles Dowers; sisters Thelma and Elois Dowers, brother Alan Dowers, sisters Ural (Dowers) Langford, Dorothy (Dowers) Bunch, and Faye (Dowers) Witte and her husband Fred Biller.Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 22 at the Oxford First Baptist Church in Oxford. Visitation will be held from 10 a.m. until noon with family present to receive friends from 11 a.m. until noon at the Oxford Funeral Service Chapel. Burial will be in the Oxford Cemetery. Memorials can be made to Midland Care-Hospice House. Contributions can be sent or left in care of Oxford Funeral Service, 104 N. Sumner, Oxford, KS  67119last_img read more

Care for the coast

first_imgBy Jessica Anstice The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is inviting expressions of interest from community members who would like…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Intelligence led

first_imgSatiricus was in a quandary. Should he, or shouldn’t he? Go to the Back Street Bar, that is. It wasn’t as if he was considering abandoning beer-drinking or anything like that. Beer, Satiricus knew, was created by the Gods – well, the Norse Gods, at least – and far be it from him to mess with Divine orders. No, after that Camp St breakout, he knew he was in for it from the fellas, since his leader, Rum Jhaat, was supposed to be in charge. He decided to man up and face the music.“Suh wha’ dis me hear fram yuh fearless leadah, Rum Jhaat?” asked Bungi without even giving Satiricus a chance to down his first beer.“OK,” said Satiricus, rolling his eyes. “Tell me what you heard.”“Dat ‘e bin done ready fuh buil’ wan new jail a Mazaruni,” said Bungi, as Hari listened attentively. “An’ only time ketch up wid he!”“Well, that’s true,” insisted Satiricus. “You can’t build a jail overnight, you know.”“Sato me fr’en’, da jus’ prove dem shoulda fyaah Rum Jhaat laang now!” said Bungi with some heat. “He t’ink de problem a space in de jail?”“Isn’t it?” asked Satiricus.“Well, me excuse you,” said Bungi. “But wha’ Rum Jhaat excuse?”“OK, smart ass, tell me the problem!” Satiricus by now had stopped with the beers, and so had Hari.“Bai, pick sense fram nansense, na,” said Bungi. “Abee know dis escape bin plan fuh three month now.”“Yes?” asked Satiricus snidely.“Well, dem bais only set de fyaah fuh leh dem escape,” said Bungi. “If dem bin in wan new jail, da woulda bun down too!”“That’s right, Sato,” said Hari at last. “Rum Jhaat’s problem is he still isn’t looking to prevent contraband getting into prison.”“And Rum Jhaat’s  talking about ‘intelligence-led policing’ to catch the escapees!” said Satiricus slowly. How could he defend a dead man walking?last_img read more